dimanche 22 juin 2014

JOBS Opportunities

1:  Senior Scientist-Legume/Cereal Pathology (West and Central Africa)

The Job:
  • Plan and execute research on regionally important diseases of cereals (sorghum and pearl millet) and legumes (groundnut) to address the knowledge gaps in epidemiology, pathogenic variability, host plant resistance and alternative disease management strategies.
  • Develop disease management strategies
  • Work with crop improvement scientists to develop improved cultivars with resistance to major disease in the region Organize and conduct multi-location disease nurseries.
  • Organize and conduct on-farm trials and training to partner scientists and extension workers on integrated disease management.
  • Analyze, summarize and interpret the data of the experiments conducted in laboratory, greenhouse and on station and on-farm trials.
  • Prepare reports and research papers for publication in the reputed journals.
  • Develop project proposal for donor funding.

 2: Managing Editor (closing date, 13 July 2014)

  • Lead in developing and monitoring the editorial strategy for the Institute to ensure quality and standards appropriate for all outputs.
  • Lead in developing and monitoring the production strategy for all the Institute’s outputs and ensure consistency of style, production quality and suitability for audiences.
  • Work closely with researchers to synthesise research outputs through high quality writing and editing into a variety of formats designed to communicate to multiple audiences – from policy briefings to short reports, backgrounders and booklets.
  • Coordinate maintenance of a style guide for ILRI written material.
  • As required, build communications skills internally and to share internally and externally what we learn about research communications in the course of our work.
  • Line manage the Publishing Services Manager and help them to develop production systems and processes as required.
  • Participate in Institute-wide and strategic meetings as appropriate.
  • Act as a mentor and coach to Communications and KM staff, especially those with writing and editorial roles.
  • Maintain and manage a cadre of excellent freelance writers, designers, editors, translators and proof-readers for both print and digital products.
  • Contribute to the ILRI-wide communications and KM community of practice and leadership group, sharing and communicating work updates and lessons, participate in CKM learning, reviewing and planning activities and ensure that these activities follow ILRI standards and agreed channels.
  • Contribute to ILRI’s communications and knowledge management team working on ‘knowledge, publishing and curation

3:Project Leader/ Senior Scientist

Key Responsibilities:
WorldFish, Bangladesh and South Asia is hiring an Intermediate Results (IR) 3 Scientist for a 5-year, $15 million dollar project funded by USAID called ‘ECOFISH’ in order to meet its vision: “Be the research partner of choice, delivering high impact, transformative and equitable fisheries and aquaculture solutions to reduce poverty and malnutrition in Bangladesh and South Asia”. The key objective of the ECOFISH project is to improve the resilience of estuarine ecosystem and livelihoods of communities reliant on the Hilsha fishery.

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