mardi 4 février 2014

Young Professionals, Build your carreer with ADB
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1. Do you Know What ADB is?

ADB simply mean Asian Development Bank created in December 1966 to support social and economic growth of Asian and Pacific Countries. this support consist to bring technical and financial assistance to all countries members.

2. Why ADB is important for youth?

ADB is important for you because, it has a whole programme just for young professionals. ADB Young Professional Programme aim to grow professionally by building your carreer based on your training and experience. it also want to help improve the lives standard of people living in Asia and Pacific.. that is why ADB recruits highly qualified and motivated individuals. Through its Young Professional Programme (YPP), ADB  provides the foundation for a challenging and rewarding professional career in an international development environment. YPP offers a range of opportunities to develop professional skills and understanding of ADB's operations, policies and procedures.

3. How does this works?

YPP offer you a three-year fixed-term appointment in ADB headquarters. you  will be initially joining one of ADB’s operational departments and then assigned to another department/office as a rotational assignment for 12 months. During this period, you are expected to demonstrate competencies required for the positions. The work assignments enable them to further develop their expertise and broaden their perspective through exposure to various aspects of ADB work. You may also participate in missions for activities in fact finding and appraisal, project review and completion, country programming, sector and policy studies, or disbursement.
 Notice That, ADB offers a compensation and benefits package that is internationally competitive and comparable with other multilateral institutions. Salaries are paid in US dollars and are tax-exempt, unless your government determines that it is subject to taxation. You may also be entitled to housing, children's education subsidy, health care, insurance, home country travel, and retirement benefits.

4. What skills are required

Be awared that This Young Professional Program is highly competitive and only a limited number of candidates are selected annually. So you must demontrate a high motivation forthis opprtunity.
If you are less than 33 years old, resident from ADB's Countries members (Asia and Pacific), Holder of Post graduate university degree in economic, Administration,  finance, finance, business administration, transport management, urban and regional planning, environment, public management..., with at least 3 years of work experience and able to work with others of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, Then, submit your application Now by clicking HERE

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