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Call for proposal


Procurement Reference: RFP/AFAAS/LCS-2015/001 (Item 1.1.2)
Country: Uganda
Organisation: African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS)
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development
Project: Second Multi-Donor Trust Fund Project
Grant No. TF015730

Dear Bidder


1)      African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) has received financing from the European Union (EU) under the World Bank towards the implementation of the Second Multi Donor Trust Fund  Project, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments under the contract for: Consultancy to develop strategic plans for Country Forum.
2)      AFAAS hereby invites Curriculum Vitaes from individual consultants to provide consulting services described in detail in the attached Terms of Reference (TOR).
3)      The consultant will be selected under the Individual Consultant Selection (ICS) method in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011).
4)      Any resulting contract will be subject to the General Conditions of Contract for Consultants.
5)      Bidders shall acknowledge the receipt of this invitation letter by email to NGOUAMBE Nestor, with copy to  no later than 10th July, 2015, and indicate whether or not a Curriculum Vitaes shall be submitted. The acknowledgement shall provide Country Forum’s name (Cameroon) , telephone number and focal/contact person.
6)      Deadline for submission of CVs is 20th July, 2015 at 10.00 hrs (10.00 a.m.). CVs received after the indicated date will not be accepted under any circumstances.
7)      Any queries should be addressed to the Executive Director, Dr. Silim Nahdy at Email: copying the Programme Officer, Samson Eshetu at , Procurement Officer, Grace Paddy Wanzala at and Focal Point Person, Mr NGOUAMBE Nestor at

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Silim Mohammed. Nahdy
Executive Director, AFAAS.

The consultants are invited to submit Curriculum Vitae for consulting services for the stated assignment.

a)      The estimated timing for activities:

The estimated time for undertaking the assignment is 15 working days allocated, subject to further clarification from the consultant. The consultant should take into consideration this time estimate as indicated in the TOR when preparing the work plan.

b)     Application Process:

The Consultant is required to submit Curriculum Vitae indicating a description of the Consultant demonstrating why it is qualified to undertake the assignment. In preparing the CV, the consultant is expected to examine the TOR in detail. 

While preparing the CV, consultants must give particular attention to the following:
·         The consultant considers that he/she has all the expertise for the assignment.
·         The financial proposal shall not exceed the budget of US$ 3,000
·         The consultant must, at a minimum, have the experience indicated in the ToR.
·         Only one curriculum vitae (CV) will be required for the assignment.
·         Submissions and reports to be issued by the consultant as part of this assignment must be in the English language.

The Curriculum Vitae shall provide the following information
·         CV recently signed by the consultant.
·         Proposed cost/Daily rate not exceeding USD 3,000. The consultant is expected to take into account the requirements and conditions outlined in the TOR

c)      Sealing and marking of CVs:
CVs should be sent/emailed to the submission address in section d below: clearly marked with the- Procurement Reference: AFAAS-IC/2015-001, the name of the Consultant and Country (i.e. Cameroon,).

d)     Submission of CVs
Consultants must submit CVs addressed to:
The CV submission address is:
The Executive Director
African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS)
Plot 22A, Nakasero Road
 P. O.  Box 34624 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256-312-313400
Through the Focal Point Person (NGOUAMBE Nestor), Located at Regional Delegation of MINADER for the Center (Regional Service for cooperative registry)
Tel: +237 679 71 78 09 or 222 31 12 89

The CVs should be submitted to the address above, no later than the date and time of the deadline stated below:
·         Deadline: 20th July, 2015. Time of deadline: 10.00 hrs (10.00 a.m.). CVs received after the indicated date will not be accepted under any circumstances.
·         It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that his/her proposal is received by the deadline.
·         Thank you for your interest in this AFAAS assignment; and we look forward to receiving your CV and or short proposal in due date.

e)      Evaluation of CVs
The evaluation criteria that will be used to evaluate the CVs are summarized in the table below:


CV demonstrating experience of consultant in similar assignment
(Information on relevant services carried out in the last 5 years that best illustrate the experience) ( 0 - 40 points)

Past Performance of consultant
·         Record of Past Performance  (0 - 10 points)
·         Contact details of previous work  (0 - 5 points)

Qualifications of the consultant for the Assignment
Relevant Qualifications (Masters) (0 - 15 points)
Understanding Research (0 - 10 points)

Previous experience writing technical reports (0 - 5 points)

Proposed Cost/Daily Rate (0 - 10 points)


f)       Award of Contract and Commencement
The assignment is expected to commence on 27th July, 2015

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